Pharmacy 2U

You may have received a leaflet in the post inviting you to get your repeat prescriptions from a company called Pharmacy2U.

Here are some important facts about Pharmacy2U we feel you should know:

  • Pharmacy2U is not your local community pharmacy and has nothing to do with us.
  • Pharmacy2U is a distance selling (internet only) pharmacy based on an industrial estate.
  • As a patient, you cannot have any face-to-face contact with Pharmacy2U. Distance-selling pharmacies like this are only allowed to deal with patients by post, telephone or internet, not in person.
  • Prescriptions from Pharmacy2U are delivered by Royal Mail, unlike your medications handed to you in the pharmacy by a member of our team, or personally delivered to you by our own driver.
  • In October 2015, Pharmacy2U was fined £130,000 for selling its patients’ details to marketing companies including an Australian lottery. The Information Commissioner’s Office subsequently found that this data was used by the marketing companies to deliberately target elderly and vulnerable patients.
  • Over Christmas 2015, Pharmacy2U failed to send out prescriptions for three weeks, leaving thousands of patients stranded without their essential medicines.
  • In February 2017, the Care Quality Commission inspected Pharmacy2U and found that it was “not safe, effective or well led”.

We believe that an internet business like Pharmacy2U is no substitute for your local pharmacy.

Please support us to continue caring for you and your family by ignoring any correspondence from Pharmacy2U and obtaining your prescriptions here at your local NHS community pharmacy.

Thank you for your support.